Mark Stafford’s Cyrana is full of Hero Factory Awesomeness!

Mark Stafford‘s new Cyclopian: Cyrana ship shows off the potential of Hero Factory and Bionicle elements. It’s swooshy and bad ass! I hope this is the birth of a new meme.  Time to dig out those Bionicle bits!


6 comments on “Mark Stafford’s Cyrana is full of Hero Factory Awesomeness!

  1. zane houston

    Don’t get me wrong, this looks awesome, but it’s kind of ironic that VolumeX was a featured builder two posts ago and he’s been doing stuff like this for at least a year. Nevertheless they’re all great builds!

  2. Nabii

    What definition of ‘irony’ is this Zane? If your point is that I might have started doing this recently you might want to check my MOCs from 2006 onwards:
    Thanks to Polywen for featuring me here, I’ve never asked for it and it’s great whenever it happens.
    VolumeX’s stuff is awesome and they feature a lot of Bionicle used very creatively, but I felt there is a lot of untapped Hero-Factory goodness out there for system builders to get in on too and I wasn’t seeing a lot of it around so I started building. There are some really nice parts, but they are more sci-fi in styling than the steampunk feel of Bionicle, and this is the result. If there are better examples out there I’d love to see them!
    BTW – big fan of your MOCs – some great builds you have on Flickr.

  3. zane houston

    I’m not trying to take anything away from you, I’m sorry if that’s what it looked like. I was just saying that this is similar to the stuff VolumeX does (not that he invented it or anything, obviously he didn’t), so it’s funny that he was just featured, and then your build was also featured.

    I would have said the same thing if three of the bloggers all blogged about gigantic castles at the same time or something else. Just a coincidence, maybe irony was the wrong word.

  4. polywen Post author

    Well, sometimes for us TBB contributers, it becomes a race to see who gets that cool MOC blogged first. I’ll often see a MOC and think,”That’s cool.” and plan to blog it later, only to get beaten to the punch by one of my cohorts. So the best policy is to blog as soon as I see it. And I can’t help when people post their MOCs. If suddenly 3 brilliant Castle MOCs get posted by 3 different builders in a short time span, chances are they will be blogged at the same time. It’s not like there’s a schedule.

  5. zane houston

    yeah… looking back at my first comment i definitely didn’t convey the right tone, I was just trying to point out the similarities of the two designs since it is a rather uncommon and unique style (and an awesome what at that). Sorry if I came off like a douche, that was not my intention.

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