You’re a Good MOC, Charlie Brown

We featured Mark Anderson’s groundbreaking Catwoman art last year, but now Mark’s at it again, refining his technique with a new MOC (My Own Creation) by transcribing a classic cartoon character into his unique Lego line art. This time Mark gives us a breakdown of how the picture is constructed, and shows that it’s not merely tiles arranged in lines, but actually made up of fully connected pieces.

Lego Charlie Brown by Mark Anderson

3 comments on “You’re a Good MOC, Charlie Brown

  1. Chris Post author

    I’m not sure if you’re being serious, but we do have quite a few readers who are not part of the usual AFOL community, so we like to explain terms when we get the chance.

  2. Andrew

    @Deus: Chris is correct. Most high estimates of the number of AFOLs — I’m sure you know what that means ;-) — in the world tops out at around 60,000. We have a readership upwards of 200,000, so there’s a significant difference between the number of people who likely know what “MOC” means and our readers who don’t.

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