The Order of the Stick, Now Made in Brick!

Matt De Lanoy has made this wonderful mosaic of the protagonists from one of my favorite webcomics, The Order of the Stick. He’s portrayed the characters perfectly, even capturing a bit of the humor, with poor halfling Belkar being almost out of frame. Just seeing this mosaic makes me want to go read more OOTS. If you’re not familiar with The Order of the Stick, I highly recommend checking it out.

The Order of the Stick
via Mosaic Bricks.

2 comments on “The Order of the Stick, Now Made in Brick!

  1. eti

    I’ve just looked into the comic and I don’t understand a word of it – is it referring to some kind of video game?

  2. eti

    edit: I just read on Flickr that it’s based on Dungeons and Dragons. No wonder I didn’t get it – I’m not into RPG’s at all.

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