Mark Stafford (nabii) has had the inspired idea to harness to power of LEGO CUUSOO to help in our important, but until recently unknown, quest for Justin Bieber LEGO sets. So if you’d like to see JB in LEGO form, go vote.

I’ll get back to my usual programming when I return to Australia. But this opportunity could not be ignored.

12 comments on “CUUSOO Bieber

  1. mephistopheles

    OMG! I just started to love LEGO and you want to ruin it with Bieber. She haunts my hobbies!!!

  2. eti

    Fun thing is, over the past weeks I’ve been saying that Friends needs more boy figures because the five spice girls need a Justin Bieber to have a crush on. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea. Cool!

  3. Nabii

    I’m not going to apologise – this is an experiment to see if a non-LEGO fan group will pay any attention to a Cuusoo project, and besides LEGO want young girls to have a look at LEGO as a toy for them, this should work as well as anything!

    If you don’t like teen pop but think a music set is a good idea there is now a MEGADETH project on Cuusoo too (from Megzter) so vote for that instead!

  4. Nabii

    Or just think of it as a chance for LEGO to make thousands of small plastic Justin Bieber voodoo dolls – just think what you can do to the poor fellow!

  5. Tanukis Revenge

    It’s a good MOC. Still, if this makes the 10k vote before the Western Module Town the Cuusoo system is flawed… Or there’s just alot more Bieber fans than AFOLs.

  6. mephistopheles

    Isn’t the philosophy of LEGO based a non-aggressive idea? I mean any healthy kid will smash that Beiber to the wall and cut her head off. That is pretty violent imo. LEGO shouldnt support violence.

  7. eti

    Some people here don’t distinguish enough between their personal tastes and what would be an interesting Lego set.

    I don’t like Star Wars movies or Sponge Bob cartoons, still they make awesome Lego sets. Same goes for Justin Bieber or whatever other pop icon.

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