Amazing World War II LEGO diorama

A collection of Lugpol members (Pit, Mrutek, Rasch, Ciamek, Glaz_Pimpur, Misiek, Zgredek and Kris Kelvin) have combined forces to produce this stunning diorama of the Eastern Front. The diorama is presently on display at Gdansk Town Hall and if I was near the area I’d certainly be checking it out.

The diorama is full of amazing details, wonderful buildings, decay, flora and excellent military vehicles. Kris has a collection of his shots and a lot of links to further shots in this set. This is my favourite diorama ever and sets the bar very high. I’m even more amazed that with so many cooks the broth is so delicious.



PS. If anyone can provide links to the other builders please post them below.

5 comments on “Amazing World War II LEGO diorama

  1. Thanel

    ^ Really? That’s all you’ve got to say about it? Straight lines and right angles are hard to avoid in a big collaborative display, especially a one-time event.

    Great job LUGPol. Especially on all those trees and pulling together to have such a cohesive look. I see an HKLUG vs. LUGPol build-off coming.

  2. gambort Post author

    ^^ I’m only aware of* two dioramas that worked substantially off a grid: Mike Pianta and mine, and a very old one by Ondrew Hartigan. While I’m inclined to agree that a ‘perfect’ diorama would work off the grid, a truly great one doesn’t have to. And with a cohesive look and great design like this one I’m happy to call it truly great, particularly given the scale of the collaboration.

    * I’d be happy to see more if I’ve missed some

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