Mars + Octan + LEGO = Racing


Not content with bringing us cool LEGO sets, Mark Stafford (lego_nabii) also continues to bring us cool MOCs. Another for the LUGNUTs challenge.

The Martian Polar Pavonis Rally takes place annually (a Martian year is 687 days) between Schmit Ice Base at the Southern pole and the MSA Research station at Pavonis Mons, near the Martian equator. The race is a martian tradition commemorating the emergency transport of oxygen to the base in the first years of settlement.

1 comment on “Mars + Octan + LEGO = Racing

  1. Ace Carrera

    There’s no doubt the main attraction is the tanker (it just screams Mars to me!), especially with those rover style wheels.But I’ll take the blue car, if you don’t mind.

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