4 comments on “Disney and Star Wars. A match made in LEGO.

  1. SubcommanderShran

    Uh… I think you chose the wrong picture for the title. But it I clicked on it anyway and got sent to Flickr. And I spent hours there, instead of your site.

  2. Josh

    @SubcommanderShran – Not sure what you mean by choosing the wrong picture for the title. The creations is Mickey Mouse dressed as a Jedi…built out of Lego. The title is “Disney and Star Wars. A match made in LEGO.” What exactly is the problem?

    The point of our site is to highlight good Lego builds. Most people click on the pictures and go look at other things. It’s kind of the point, wouldn’t you say?

  3. MV

    ^I think Subcommander was highlighting what I said and then trying to prove a point? The photo of the subject has the lightsaber (a main element of the sculpture) blocked by Mickey’s head. There are other photos on Flickr from different angles. We’re saying maybe choose another.

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