LEGO Technic RDA Samson battle helicopter from Avatar

This Technic version of the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson VTOL aircraft from James Cameron’s Avatar by Barry (barman) features so many working components it’s hard to list my favorites.

LEGO Technic RDA Gunship

With counter-rotating props, doors that open and close, and a central joystick that controls the angle of the props, you have to see the video to believe it:

Thanks for the tip, mahjqa!

7 comments on “LEGO Technic RDA Samson battle helicopter from Avatar

  1. Magnus

    Over the top! The opening doors alone would make this a great MOC, but the functionality of the rotors just lifts this to another level.

  2. SJ Commander

    Woah. This is my favorite vehicle from Avatar, and I can’t believe how amazingly awesome barman made this!

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