Crawler Town brings the city to you!

Canadian builder Dave DeGobbi has created a massive, steampunk-inspired creation that takes a small city and puts it on a mobile platform! The idea is crazy enough to work both in concept and execution. This creation is supposedly a luxury resort set in a post-apocalyptic world. What wouldn’t I pay for a trip to this exotic paradise?

While the size is the most impressive aspect of this LEGO build at first glance, a closer inspection is rewarded with lots of really fun detail all over the town. Entertainment for wealthy guests is provided by airplane races, with a short runway for the planes to take off from and racks of planes hanging from underneath the grandstand.

The town area is full of life, featuring highly varied buildings in a variety of colors, complete with an air traffic control tower to direct the airplane races.

Check out the full gallery on Flickr.

7 comments on “Crawler Town brings the city to you!

  1. Catsy

    I had the privilege of seeing this in person at Brickcon this year. You can’t appreciate how massive it really is from photos alone–it’s a feat of engineering as much as it is inspired art.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    God I love big MoC. And there’s so much to love about this one. For one it’s big in the sense that we think of Texas as big and the level of detail dreally draws you into a distance where the whole thing seems that much larger. There’s a real eccentric character to the thing that the photo’s don’t do justice to. If you’re at an event with this thing take a few minutes to look it over closely. Seeing it at Brickcon was nurishing to that part of me that makes me want to build.

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