Police recover portion of Mark Benz’s stolen LEGO [News]

You might remember the grand theft LEGO story a week ago about Mark Benz who lost $6500 worth of custom creations in a car theft. According to the San Jose Mercury News, about two thirds of the creations were recovered on the night of February 16th, when police found it in an unoccupied stolen vehicle in Castro Valley. Most of the recovered models had been partially or wholly disassembled. The recovered LEGO was returned to Mark, though some was retained for the investigation.

Mark also sent out a press release on behalf of his family:

Late last night Fremont Police contacted a man who’s LEGO creations were stolen recently with good news. A pick-up truck, stolen in January from Fremont’s Niles District and recovered in Castro Valley yesterday, contained a big pile of LEGO. The police asked Mark Benz, President of the Bay Area LEGO Club to help identify the find. Their search for the truck and toy thieves continues based on other evidence found in the truck. If you have any information on either crime, please contact FPD Detective Veteran at 510-790-6800.

Mr. Benz, builder of the missing Lego creations, was delighted that some of his LEGO was found and returned, saying “Thanks very much to the law enforcement agencies involved. It’s great they found much of it!” About the LEGO creations themselves, he said: ”Some are in fair shape while others are completely wrecked,” adding ” The thieves have not been caught….YET.”

Only about two-thirds of the stolen LEGO creations were retrieved, and many reduced to a pile of LEGO “rubble”. Ghirardelli Square and two other models were broken into several large pieces. The Conservatory of Flowers and other model SF landmarks are now only a 50 pound box, about the size of a bar refrigerator, of [seemingly] random LEGO. All of the stolen LEGO trains, along with hundreds of LEGO trees, and other items remain missing. “I hope they find the rest when they catch the crooks,” Benz said.

Nevertheless, Mr. Benz is excited to soon have some of the LEGO back, and plans to rebuild as many of the famous SF Landmarks as he can in time to display them at the Bricks by the Bay LEGO Fan Convention at the Fremont Marriott, in April.

[Mark sent along a little additional information so I added to the post, with Nannan’s permission -Thanel]

7 comments on “Police recover portion of Mark Benz’s stolen LEGO [News]

  1. Brad

    I am really glad to hear that. I hope you get even more of it back and that they are able to bring a case against those who stole from you. No matter what happens, I’m still thrilled. I wish you and your family lots more happy building!

  2. Octopunk

    Yay! I’m so happy for you. I know it wasn’t all of it but I hope this eases the pain. I was very sorry to read about the theft.

    But if it were me, I wouldn’t leave anything with the cops. Because I’d fear they’d get all the forensic data they needed and then one would go “say boys, I think it’s relevant to this investigation that we dissemble these to see if these bricks could be made into a cool race track.” And I’d come in later and they’d all be driving little cars around and going “vroooom!”

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