AFOL: A Blocumentary by Jess Gibson

Documentary filmmaker Jess Gibson has just completed a 30-minute movie about adult fans of LEGO here in the Pacific Northwest. You can watch the complete “AFOL: A Blocumentary” right here:

AFOL A Blocumentary from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Jess attended BrickCon 2009, joined us for a SEALUG meeting, and interviewed many fans who’ll be familiar to readers of The Brothers Brick:

The description on Vimeo says that this is the “first in a series of Blocumentaries about the Adult Fans of LEGO,” so we’re looking forward to more from Jess Gibson in the future.

20 comments on “AFOL: A Blocumentary by Jess Gibson

  1. Ochre Jelly

    Oh god that’s so awesome – very nice camera work, Jess!

    Lino should have been wearing a t-shirt with “50950” written on it. ;-)

    Wayne, can I be your butler?!

  2. Mike

    I would love to get out to brickcon. I’ve got a brother as well as a good buddy both living out there now, so the pile of reasons to go is getting bigger by the minute.

  3. Begend

    This was absolutely incredible. GREAT JOB Jess. This was so well made it could have been on discovery channel. I would watch many seasons of this show. PLEASE keep making these. I didn’t want it to end!!!

  4. MetroiD

    What a cool movie. That’s precisely the stuff I love most about the AFOL Community. Wish I hadn’t seen it though – can’t quite get to Brickcon unless I move to Seattle… which is a rather appealing notion!

  5. notenoughbricks

    High quality piece of film making right here. Well worth the 30 minutes of any AFOLs time to watch this.

    Damn, these were some immense LEGO collections. Quite astounding.

    I’ve got to get to a CON this year. Too bad there isn’t one in NY. Oh well, I can always get to DC or Chicago pretty easily by plane/train.

    Thanks for sharing this with the community! Hope this gets the brains behind this film noticed.

  6. Catsy

    Amazing work! I can’t wait to see future installments. There really is a seemingly infinite world to explore in this community, and I’m glad to see Flickr getting the shout-out it deserves.

    I see my son and I at 21:20 appreciating Jason’s mantis during the public expo, a shot of the Hornet at 28:35, and apparently that brief demo I gave of my assault rifle actually made it in at 22:13. I gotta show this to the family. :)


  7. wunztwice

    As both an AFOL ‘community member’ AND a filmmaker I give this piece two thumbs way up!

    Although there were a few things I could point out as a bit extraneous, they in no way detract from the overall quality of the work presented. This is a real Doc! No sides are taken, the interviewed FOLs are each given fair shake, and simply explain the hobby and it’s attraction. The video is informative, engaging, fun, and it’s great to see some familiar faces! I have to say I am a bit envious Mr. Gibson thought of this before I did.

    As a rural resident in the Pacific NW I would appreciate a bit more feel for the whole vast spectrum of landscape and culture the NW has to offer, and how that plays into builders. But seriously this is a 30-minute video, and it does a great job covering what it does.

    Hats off to Mr. Gibson and all those featured. A great little piece of film-making and I hope to see more very soon. In fact, these would make a very nice little series/compilation, and could touch many separate areas of AFOL-dom and LEGO in general.

    Here’s hoping to see it in as many film festivals as possible!!!

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