Peter Reid’s Classic Exo-Suit Upgrades

Peter Reid has taken another run at his classic exo-suit creation. He’s just posted some photos of the MkII version on flickr, and the model just looks great. I think that the new claws are a huge step forward, and not just because they’re huge.

Also notable is the photography of this model, which does a great job of highlighting the model, while giving it a believable setting. The backdrop and supporting cast are great, and the depth of field of the photo really brings it to life.

Exo-Suit (MkII)

Let’s take a look at the evolution of Peter’s Exo Mech over the years — it’s pretty cool to see all these iterations. This is an earlier version of the Exo-Suit from 2009, with an extended limb from the back.

Exo Suit

The Exo-Squad ready for duty is one of my favourites from 2011!

Exo Squad

The heavy weaponry version that we all want and need back (from 2012).

More Votes Needed!

And the sci-fi action movie that’s waiting to be picked up by Hollywood (from 2014).

Worms vs Exos