Typical day at hangar bay 4

Martin Latta (thire5) crafted a lot of details into his hangar diorama including a busy crew that does all the tasks including prisoner transport. Hey, is that Chewie in the cage?

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  1. dover

    i looked through the whole gallery for these” busty workers” i thought you mentioned, when I thought, “they look pretty busy, but i wouldn’t say busty… i wonder if i read that wrong.”

  2. Brad

    Oh, wow, is there a lot to like in this dio. Just to sketch a few of the things I really like:

    1) The shuttle’s front windows. I’ve never seen that technique before, but it looks nifty and holds up well in close up and zoom out photos.

    2) The naturalistic looking ramp. The angled tiles really sell it.

    3) The lifts! I was trying to mock up a sci-fi looking cargo lift/elevator a few weeks ago and didn’t get anything I liked that would also somehow be functional. I really like Martin’s solution, where it looks like you can place the lift at any point on the wall by rearranging a few bricks.

    I’m just repeating Nannan, but there’s lots of detail to like in this scene. Thanks for sharing, Martin!

  3. TooMuchDew

    Thanks for pointing this out… with a contacts list & groups on Flickr there isn’t much I miss, but there’s plenty on Brickshelf still that manages to get by me. Great photos, tasty details, splashes of color (not ALL grey) and presentation! Click up in the gallery for plenty of other cool stuff, especially “Neo-Spyrius” http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=3803592 as well as Dropship TTU 273, Post-Apoc-Dio & Modular Armored Unit. If I could Favorite BS users I would (I guess a bookmark will have to do)

  4. Ramone

    That ship is really magnificent–I’d love to get my hands on plans. There are a few of these every year that I wouldn’t mind plunking down for the pieces on Design By Me, and if this was available I would snap it up in a heart beat!

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