On the frigid plains of Hoth

We generally don’t feature the all-too-common (though sometimes artistic) photos of official LEGO sets people post online, but these ones by Avanaut are hardly stormtroopers in cereal bowls.

The rebel air corps may need a bit of help from their ground crew to get into this frozen Y-wing:

LEGO Star Wars rebel Y-wing on Hoth

A pair of rebel troopers take advantage of the weather for a bit of winter fun:

LEGO Star Wars rebel troopers on Hoth

Photoshop, you say. No. It’s all real. Thanks for the tip, Dave Eaton!

8 comments on “On the frigid plains of Hoth

  1. alldarker

    @ndsrapid: moderatly exposing Lego to ice/snow probably doesn’t damage Lego too badly, although it should not be encouraged for Mindstorms sets.
    However, in this case it’s a moot point, as you will see when you check Avanaut’s actual technique for creating these pictures;-)

  2. l0b0t

    What Fred said. Cool pictures become even more impressive with a peek behind the curtain. Reminds me of the old SFX method of filming avalanches.

  3. chrism

    That technique is stunning. After you know how it’s done, you’ll likely recognize the clues to the process in the image, but the effect is incredibly convincing.

    And… hey, what? What’s wrong with stormtroopers in cereal bowls!? :D

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