8087 TIE Defender review

Brickshelf user Lumix has posted a comprehensive gallery of photos of the upcoming TIE Defender in 2010. The retail price of the set is $49.99 I believe.

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  1. Catsy

    Gah. Am I the only one who thinks TLG is just milking the franchise and phoning in these TIE fighters at this point? At least they made a creditable attempt to redesign the ARC-170 and Droid fighter. There’s no originality or creativity in these new TIE models at all. Nearly every TIE variant they’ve come out with for years has fallen back on the same basic cockpit and wing template like a crutch, with little attempt to freshen up the design so that you don’t feel like you’ve built this a dozen times before. About the only thing this one has going for it–aside from being a TIE Defender, which is a great choice of source material–is that they’ve finally ditched blue from the color scheme, which always looked terrible on TIE fighters. But on the balance this just smacks of laziness and cashing in. Color me aggressively disinterested.

  2. Paganomation

    No, you’re not the only one. I’ve before expressed my desire for LEGO Star Wars to be put to rest — it’s run it’s course. Much like Star Wars in general at this point.

    They’ve made all the cool ships 3 times over. It’s time to move on.

  3. CatJuggling

    I hate to re-hash the old chestnut of “It’s all about the money,” but of course I’m going to. It really has been my experience that the Star Wars and Indy both remain a big gateway for new buyers. They know they like the movies and the toys, see them in Lego and think “Hey, I or my kid would like that.” Where looking at an Agents, Space Police, or Miners set they still just see Lego. I mean, watch the crowds around the Lego displays this season and you’ll see kids going after pretty much anything, but the parents are all “Hey, here’s Indy and Star Wars.”

    That said, I too am tired of the 3-peat of some of the ships. The midi-size Falcon is awesome in its playability and model nature and wish we could at least get some other ships to go with that.

  4. gigahound

    I think it’s awesome that Lego is still producing Star Wars sets. The license remains a strong investment for them. I doubt that anything else could properly fill the void that Stars will leave when it goes. Lego Star Wars is its own entity. It lies apart from the rest of the product in its own little niche. Nothing else will ever fill that niche like the Lego Star Wars line.

    I don’t have to buy them. I haven’t bought any in over three years. But I’m really glad other people do because some of the profit trickles down into the rest of the line.

  5. Catsy

    I have no qualms with them continuing the SW franchise. As you noted, it’s a big money-maker and a gateway franchise for bringing in new customers, and it’s hard to argue with anything that helps TLG keep making Lego. I would love it if they’d come up with an interesting TIE Defender, and the unique configuration of the Defender would’ve been the perfect opportunity to rethink the building cliches they’ve overused in the TIE variants–especially the printed TIE canopies and those godawful 30373 quadruple slopes. Instead they took the lazy path and churned out yet another boilerplate TIE variant.

  6. LegoFace42

    Big Star Wars vehicle collectore here but not too crazy about this model mostly because of the price. This should be $40bucks tops. I like the 3 winged design but the cockpit looks again sparce. Definitely can mod. it up but it’s so ‘blah’ looking. Also to freshen up rehashed vehicles, Lego should make a unique Tie-Defender Pilot mini fig. for this model. Something completely original so at least if you get this set, you get a special figure.
    There’s so many vehicles and characters from Star Wars’ Expanded Universe, Lego can keep going with this license for quite awhile.
    They should look into Ralph McQuarrie’s designs for inspiration. Especially his original concept art for characters and vehicles

  7. CatJuggling

    I agree. If they had ships and figs based on McQuarries designs, they would fly off the shelves. Heck, they probably wouldn’t reach the shelves.

  8. Creative Anarchy

    I’m with LegoFace42. I think the theme has been awesome to fans and just builders. We got a lot of new bricks and figure accessories from the licence. In fact I think whole colors were first intruduced for star wars toys. Star Wars has been one of Lego’s longest lasting themes. I don’t care how many Tie fighters you make, give me a dozen differnet models, improve on existing models with different pieces and techniques. This thing however is a bad lego kit. It doesn’t strongly resemble the original Tie Defender in my mind. There don’t seem to be so many pieces for the price. unlike a lot of the older Star Wars vehciles it is a ship and a figure, no hangar pieces or miscelanious figures. It just seems to be lacking in every measure.

  9. sparesoul

    Let’s take in consideration that it isn’t corporate greed and a cheap release from an entity just out to make money. The Star Wars universe is vast enough to have the cool… and the Jar-Jar. That we are given the choice to purchase even the ugliest or most unpopular is a testament to the level of detail we should expect from a company that does supply great quality for our money and more importantly, time. Will I buy this set, no, but I am impressed that it has been made available, this is a great company and a great franchise, I didn’t expect to see this set and I am looking forward to the next Star Wars set The Brothers Brick surprises me with. Cheers mates!

  10. David4

    $50 for a TIE?!

    The day will come when the license costs so much LEGO will need to make a set like this cost $100 and that will be the end of the LEGO theme.

    At least it’s not another endless Clone War set, they had about 20 this/last year, and that’s way too much.

  11. Abel

    When they get it right It’s great. Thoughtful designs will always be okay in my book, but designs that look clunky aren’t that great. The Midi Scale Falcon is a really nice example of starwars done right, and I’ve seen some good stuff in the past. My little cousin, who is 1/3 my age can’t get enough of Starwars and can’t get enough of Lego, and he often insists that I help him build his lego sets. If it’s a way in for fans of either, it’s cool with me. I must confess that I don’t have a workshop, and haven’t built anything new in nearly ten years, but I do enjoy Starwars Lego as a guilt free excuse to play with a toy that I still admire, and get some cool sibling-bonding time in too. my .02.

  12. alldarker

    Star Wars Lego (specifically the Chewbacca minifig in the 7127 AT-ST) is what got me back into Lego after an 8-year hiatus, and I’ve been a sucker for the OT sets since then. And yes, this theme did indeed also re-introduce me to other Lego themes. Lastly, I’d say that the SW theme helped TLC survive the rough financial patch a couple of years ago.
    On the issue of rehashing previous sets, I feel that sometimes as an AFOL I tend to look at re-issues of SW Lego sets in the light of the whole ten year run of this theme. But let’s be honest: for most kids, their “SW is cool” or even their “Lego is cool” period lasts for about two years. For these kids every new set Lego puts out is an actual new set, without the ‘burden’ of knowing what the former 3 itinerations of that model looked like. New versions of sets is what Lego has always done, not just in the SW theme. Just look at the amount of fire stations and police stations Lego have put out.
    Anyhow, the TIE Defender hadn’t yet been given an official Lego version, so both that and the new helmet mold make me excited enough for this set.

    BTW: I wonder if the new TIE pilot helmet mold means even more versions of Lego TIE fighters…

  13. legoadam

    I don’t mind having same models as different sets but 50 USD is way way too much for this set. If it had a handful of figures, I’d buy but I’m so not getting near it with this price tag and content. Licensed sets are too expensive this year.

  14. alldarker

    @legoadam: this set will cost €39,99 in most European countries, which is still more expensive than it will be in the USA.
    I guess it is only mildly surprising that Lego is letting go of the $1 = €1 pricing ‘policy’ when comparing US-prices to European prices. It seems to mark the start of equalizing Lego pricing between the USA and Europe/rest of world, and probably has a lot to do with the gradual and steady devaluation of the dollar compared to other currencies.
    I wonder though; is it just the licensed sets getting more expensive in the US, or are all sets getting more expensive (and going over the common ~$0.10 a piece mark)?

  15. Ezechielle

    Like many other, I’m not convinced by this new model… The only thing I wait from the LEGO Star Wars licence is an Endor Battlepack… I’m a bit disapointed by the last SW sets… And I’m also dispointed by the end of Indiana Jones licence which was most interesting and various (for parts I mean).

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