More busy bee

LEGO Vic Viper VOAT Vinivious by Uspez Morbo
Vic Viper VOAT Vinivious by Uspez Morbo

LEGO Space 2 by Rogue Bantha
Space 2 by Rogue Bantha

LEGO Eldorado Fortress Redux by Kris Kelvin
Eldorado Fortress Redux by Kris Kelvin

Once again I find myself with more neat stuff to blog and no time to do it all justice. At least I added names this time. Does anyone else find the new version of flickr really frustrating for obtaining image deeplinks?

4 comments on “More busy bee

  1. gambort Post author

    Incidentally do people mind me doing these roundup entries?

    I know they’re not up to the usual standard but my time is scarce and the connection to the blog is ridiculously slow. It makes doing separate entries very hard.

  2. Bunbrick

    I for one rather you do this for a bit than not get to blog many or all of those MOCs at all that you’ve got on the backburner. :-)

    Thanks for the Eldorado link especially! Love it!
    Used to play with the original -a lot- over at a bud’s house as kids.
    Good times, good times. Gonna enjoy pouring over this one’s great looking details.

  3. Daedalus

    LOVE the Eldorado. (One of my favs as a kid… okay teenager.) Not only is it immediately recognizable, but the rich details make it seem like the original set come to life. Really terrific.

    As for the roundups, I’m not a fan per se, but blogger beggars can’t be choosers. It’s nice to have a separate entry for each when possible, but time is valuable.

    One possible solution might be alerting other bloggers if you can’t get to something yourself. In the end though, I agree with Bunbrick; I’m just happy they’re being blogged. :D

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