We love the Furry Freak brothers...

Dmacs LEGO DT-75 Tractor

Warning! This model is 100% LEGO.

Dmac has combined practicality and raw beauty into his DT-75 tractor making a truly impressive beast. That plush seat looks so comfy I’d like to shrink myself to scale and relax.

10 comments on “We love the Furry Freak brothers...

  1. alldarker

    At first glace I thought this was a picture of his pet gerbil in the tractor.
    @Tristan Amaya: it might be [url=http://peeron.com/inv/parts/x1870]this part[/url], but the seat cover seems more fluffy?

  2. eti

    Very curious about that duplo fur, can’t seem to find it in Bricklink (not that their search function is particularly good…)

  3. alldarker

    @legoadam: if you follow the link that says ‘100% Lego’ you will actually come to a text dmac has put up as part of the gallery which tells you exactly what parts he used for both seats. The ‘canvas’ part is actually a Scala baby sleeping bag, as it seems.

  4. talltim

    This is lovely and I would have missed it, not checking BS lke I should, although the post as no direct link to the model gallery!

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