Vespas and Harleys of the future

The deadline for the LEGO Speeder Bikes contest just passed, and there are more than a hundred entries for the judges to peruse. A couple of my favorites from late in the contest are from mr. eugene. Eugene says that these are his first LEGO creations after emerging from a decade long LEGO hiatus. Welcome to the fold, Eugene!

Here’s his Vespa VRS 390:

LEGO Vespa speeder bike

Taking inspiration from the opposite end of the two-wheeled spectrum, here’s his Harley FXST-6000x Softail:

LEGO Harley speeder bike

3 comments on “Vespas and Harleys of the future

  1. mr. eugene


    i think i wet myself when i saw that you posted my MOCs. following this blog has really been the inspiration for my return to lego so all i can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  2. eti

    Okay, that’s the 2ns challenge I read about on BB today for which the deadline is passed….

    probably a good thing – how would I have found the time to enter this one as well?

    By the way, did you know that had a monthly theme last month with almost exactly the same subject – speeder bikes? Dozens of entries in their forum! Only they called it the ‘Veterans Race’ because the the driver had to be over 40…

  3. eti

    correction – i had seen it before , then forgot about it.. too busy building my 32×32 castle MOC I guess…

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