Brickshelf Find: Scouzy

Brickshelf user Scouzy has some great science fiction creations online. They’re worth checking out. I think this motorcycle is the most recent, but my favorite is this mecha.

SW Bike by Scouzy

Thanks to Bill (Kidthor) for the tip.

6 comments on “Brickshelf Find: Scouzy

  1. Fred

    Yeah I’ve admired that one before.. you can really hear it humming around. Parallel parking must be a snap!

  2. Andrew

    @legovaughan: In Dan’s defense, the suggestion mail goes to Josh and me, so Dan didn’t see it. :-)

    The challenge when we get links to a builders’ gallery on Brickshelf (rather than an individual creation) is that it’s completely impossible to determine which creation is new. We get enough annoyed comments from people when we post something “old” that suggestion messages with links to a top-level account folder on BS tend to get ignored — no matter how “blogworthy” the creations.

    (Not an issue with MOCpages or Flickr, of course…)

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