Favorites from the Speeder Bike Contest (well, so far)

Dali Zheng has been hosting a Speeder Bike Contest with some really excellent entries so far. If you’d like to enter yourself, you have until the end of August.

Thomas Oechsner contributes a Neo-Classic Space speeder bike with appropriate greeblage.

LEGO Neo-Classic Space speeder bike

What LEGO contest would be complete without a nostalgic Octan entry? This one’s by Mristoph Chonnaie.

LEGO Octan speeder bike

Karf would be proud of the Bananabike by NIRDIAN.

LEGO monkey on a speeder bike

Oh, I give up. There are too many cool little speeder bikes to pick just a few. Go look through the entries yourself.

1 comment on “Favorites from the Speeder Bike Contest (well, so far)

  1. Karf Oolhu

    Yep Karf is impressed with that banana racer, stoopid monkeys, they rule

    PS the others are excellent ( just not bananas)

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