LEGO Rock Band gameplay footage reveals destructive power of rock ‘n’ roll

Rock and roll may not be noise pollution, but it can apparently bring down an otherwise indestructible building.

Via Kotaku.

12 comments on “LEGO Rock Band gameplay footage reveals destructive power of rock ‘n’ roll

  1. Brickwares

    Wow, I had thought that this was meant to be a version of Rock Band that made for kids, or an easier version. It just looks like Rock Band with minifigs for a background. What’s the point? I’m sad that they made this, as opposed to something closer to the wonderful Batman, Indy, and Star Wars games.

  2. Melfice

    On the other hand… aside from the setting, those three games you mention are exactly the same. Sure, some mechanics are different, I’ll admit. But in basis, it’s all the same.

    It’s a different step for LEGO.

    And, who knows, we might end up with official LEGO minifig-scale guitars due to this.

  3. Jai

    It is a version of Rock Band that is primarily for kids, Brickwares. You’re seeing it being played on its hardest difficulty level (Which kids happen to be capable of). There are lots of difficulty levels, and no restrictions for using easier ones if you need or want to. Additionally, the song list was chosen with family-friendliness in mind.

    This teaser is only showing us a little bit of the game, anyway. See the bricks falling in the gameplay background? We don’t know what those do, but they’re there for a reason. There are, supposedly, multiple game modes (Which normal Rock Band does not have).

    I don’t know the song that’s being played… it’s not on the short, previously-announced list (Which was just a teaser, not a full list) of tracks.

    I’m looking forward to this game a lot. Much more than I should be, perhaps, but it’s literally a combination of two of my favorite things — how can I go wrong?

  4. BubbaGoatboy

    The song is The Hives – Tick Tick Boom.
    But I really don’t get teh concept of lego guitar hero – but then again I don’t get guitar hero – buy a guitar!

  5. Melfice

    Why spend years learning to play guitar when I have no intention at actually WANTING to learn it, when I can be an instant rock star in Rock Band?

  6. BubbaGoatboy

    I cannot see any connection between playing a plastic controller & being a rock star – I play far too many online fps, but I don’t think this makes me an instant soldier :P

  7. Josh

    @BubbaGoat – Melfice doesn’t think that playing RB makes him a real rock star. Give it a rest. I don’t play GH or RB either, but its the same idea as an FPS. In an FPS, you don’t have to go to boot camp, learn how to shoot accurately, risk getting killed yourself, etc. You DO get to be an instant soldier, without the risks.

    In GH and RB, you don’t have to learn how to play for real, find a label, play all night in dingy bars hoping to be discovered, etc. You get the perks without the work. That’s what video games are all about.

    It may not be your cup o’ tea, but obviously it is for many people.

  8. BubbaGoatboy

    Well, I actually enjoy GH, and was being quite tongue-in-cheek (I was only replying in the 1st place as someone wanted to know what the tune was). Sorry if my scottish humour was taken the wrong way (why I finished with the “:P” in the second post).

  9. spectre96

    I personally have no desire to play the game, but I hope that TLG produces the “hair-pieces” that the minifigs are wearing in this video.

  10. Josh

    @BubbaGoat – My apologies for taking your comment more seriously that it was intended. I thought your “:P” was more of a “so there” rather than a smile. ;)

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