Spock’s Jellyfish

Adrian Drake has done an incredible job here. This ship is gorgeous. It’s over a 100 studs in length and almost entirely studless. I’m very impressed. Beautiful!

LEGO Startrek Spock Jellyfish

4 comments on “Spock’s Jellyfish

  1. Dan

    You beat me to the punch! Ah well, I’d assumed he was going to wait to reveal this until at BrickFair anyways.

  2. brickfrenzy

    I wanted to publish the Jellyfish basically simultaneously with Mark’s Voltron for a 1-2 punch of Sci-Fi geek Lego nerdvana.

  3. buriedbybricks

    I’m so glad you blogged this, I saw it just after you first posted Voltron and the two creations made my whole day…

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