Hi. I’m Caylin, and I build with bricks.

So! I suppose I need to formally introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Caylin. I’ve been an adult fan of LEGO since Christmas 2003, when mom bought me a Creator tub as joke. I think she may regret that.

You’ll commonly find me at Classic Castle, but I’ve been known to post a bit at both FBTB and Eurobricks. As Josh mentioned, I’m active with SEALug, attending BrickCon regularly since 2005. I attended the last two BrickFests in Portland, too.

I’ve spend a great deal of time in the last few years working on St. Anthony’s Cathedral, but I do, in fact, build other things. I SWEAR. Of which you’ll undoubtedly see more of as BrickCon grows ever closer. You should register. Really!

So far as other hobbies and things are concerned, I do enjoy photography (which you’ll find in copious amounts on my flickr stream. I draw a great deal, and spend an awful lot of time on the water in Lake Union.

I’m really excited to be part of The Brothers Brick!Since I’m a huge fan of castle creations, you’ll be sure to see creations from that theme highlighted quite a bit. I adore Pirates and Steampunk, too, so look out for those.

With that said, thanks for the kind welcome! I appreciate it.

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled Blog.

4 comments on “Hi. I’m Caylin, and I build with bricks.

  1. Tananavalley

    Welcome aboard Caylin! It’s nice too have a woman’s perspective here on TBB. Now The Brothers Brick will have to change to The Family Brick.

    I think the use of the word “adore” is a first here also.

  2. Josh

    @Tananavalley – Sorry to disappoint, but we used the word “adore” in at least one other post. The ‘search’ shows four total but it’s lying about two of the posts.

    Its this post and Linus wrote it. ;)

    However, my mid-year resolution is to use “adore” in at least one post before the end of the year, I promise!

  3. Bunbrick

    Just a bit ago I used the words cute, giddy and smile in a single comment, so whatever cuddleworthy infection she’s tip-toed onto these otherwise testoterone-laden shores, it’s spreading.

    That aside, I welcome any insight into the fluffy-lined enigma that is the female psyche. I think i’ll go mix up a Pink Flamingo now…

  4. Luke Chapman

    Hey Caylin! Looking forward to many a blog.

    Was the title meant to sound like an alcoholic’s gambit at their first AA meeting? Made me chortle, regardless.

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