See you on platform 3 at Central Station

As great as they are, brownstones and storefronts are fairly common LEGO structures built to the “Cafe Corner standard.” That makes this great train station by Johan van den Heuvel (Teddy) that much cooler.

LEGO train station

I love the columns and the arches of the recessed entryway. The size itself is a first, as far as I can recall — not only double-wide but double-deep.

See interior shots and detail photos on Flickr, MOCpages, and Brickshelf.

2 comments on “See you on platform 3 at Central Station

  1. Teddy

    Thanks Brothers-Brick for blogging my MOC. :)
    Dear Marcosbessa, that is a beautyfull Theatre. I love it! Especially the statue at the back. The color scheme is also beautyfull, with the dark blue.
    Indeed the station is 48 studs wide (the standard scale of the larger base plates). But since I wanted to break it up in the middle for better access to the platforms. And for it to better comply with the CC-standard I put it on several ground plates so it is an integer multiple of 32 in the depth (in this case two :P). So, the total size of the ground plane is 48 studs wide and 64 studs deep (Consisting of two blocks of 48 x 32). :) For my layout I might add some platform sections later on. Kind regards, Teddy

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