The Brothers Brick’s video coverage of BrickWorld 2009

This year at BrickWorld, we shot a video coverage of the convention that features short clips of fans and builders talking about LEGO. This started when Tyler (Legohaulic) brought the idea along with a brick-built TBB microphone. Everything happened spontaneously and we are able to share with you the faces and voices of many LEGO fans for the first time on the blog.

I’d like give special thanks to Tyler for doing pretty much all the work with the video and everyone who shared their moment of embarrassment with us. We certainly wished to get around to more of the great people there, but the four days went by too fast! I hope you enjoy our first ever video coverage of a LEGO convention.

In this clip: Jay Hanes, Mark Kelso, Brian Alano, Tyler Clites, Kyle Vrieze, Jenn Wagner, and Rae McCormick.

In this clip: Liam Heeger, Lee Jones, Brian Kescenovitz, Matija Grguric, Dennis Price, Chris Edwards, Fradel Gonzales, and Jon Walden.

In this clip: Dave Sterling, Stacy Sterling, Heather Braaten, Alex Eylar, Sean Kenney, Matt De Lanoy, Brian Bonahoom, Steve Witt, Mikael Sjostedt, and Mark Larson.

12 comments on “The Brothers Brick’s video coverage of BrickWorld 2009

  1. Hinckley

    Wow, you think I would’ve put that whiskey down to be interviewed. Do I ever shut up? There, I said it. :)

  2. DocRod

    Thanks heaps for making these videos guys!!

    A great insight into the online community and brickworld for all to see and some amazing creations on display.

    Inspirational stuff indeed.



  3. heatherlegogirl

    Okay, I maaaay have said one bad word there. But in my defense, Stacy was supposed to throw it to ALEX, not me. Wow I’m a total goon. There, I said it.

  4. heatherlegogirl

    …and I LEANED IN to the “microphone”. It’s not REAL people. Oh good lord someone bribe Nannan to make this disappear. ;)

  5. ILikePi

    Awesome videos, TBB! :)

    My favorite parts were:

    Mark Kelso – He just said that his creations were LEGO (LOL!).

    Dennis Price – He called a person walking in front of the camera a jerk (LOL again).

    The ToTLUG group – What happened is mentioned in the posts above mine. ;)

  6. Brian Kescenovitz

    Bravo, Tyler and Nannan! This really gave a much better feel for the actual people than pictures ever could. Please, continue the tradition next year, if possible.

  7. Clefspeare

    Mark Kelso-
    “So….That’s Lego…..and that’s lights…..annnnd….that’s it, that’s pretty much it.” (how profound, Mark)

    Dennis Price-
    “And I can’t believe the level of support from the community, the people……and this jerk walking in front of me……” =D

    Heather Lego Girl-
    “……*Bleep*……..Oh….ummmm… Beach House…..” (summary- Heather is setting a good example for the kids by swearing, then proceeding to tell them about packing material choices) =D LOL!

    Sean Kenney-
    “How about I do my announcer voice. Now let’s hand it over to NanZhang, coolest most awesome guy in the universe!”

    This entire video was very well put together, & really funny too! Hope you guys can put together another one next year!

  8. Dave_Sterling

    I love Hinckley and his whiskey…a priceless media moment. ;-)

    Glad everyone loved the ToT-LUG crew. Yeah, we may be delinquents…but at least we’re lovable delinquents. :-)

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