Kelvin’s Hotel

I woke up this morning to this lovely hotel by Kris Kelvin. Its a beautiful scene and I really like those cars!

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  1. dshaddix

    Day in and day out, I see a lot of GREAT MOCs pass through this blog, this is an instant favorite. Great color scheme, nice motion, and good depth and dimension with just the right amount of detail work. Thanks Josh for finding this gem!


  2. cjedwards47

    I really like this thing.
    Lego needs to make those little windows widely available, ASAP! The ones used here must have cost a fortune.

  3. wunztwice

    I must agree with Dave Shaddix above! This is just one of those MOCs that grabs your attention, AND has the ability to hold if for quite some time. The level of detailing is perfect. Just enough to keep it interesting, but not to crowded! Each fig is posed in a way that makes it seem like he/she has a purpose, as if this was a snapshot of a real place.

    Wonderfully done!!!

  4. Will Thomas

    The building, vehicles, scenery, and small amount of minifig action make this awesome. <3

  5. ColourSchemer

    So awesome that I had to login to FoxMarks remotely and record the URL, since I couldn’t fave it on Flickr.

    It’s great to see this timeframe represented without it being ‘Adventurers’

  6. Thanel

    Wow, wow, wow!! Just can’t get enough of all the different angles on this showing all the different kinds of bustle. Details that all work for the time period and are architecturally consistent.

  7. kris kelvin

    Well, thanks all for very nice words. It`s always a pleasure to be blogged on this blog :)

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