Halo Hornet shoots down enemy Banshees

Stephen Chao (obscurance) constructs an accurate model of the Hornet aircraft from Halo. As someone who enjoys the game, seeing one of these makes me want to take it to the skies and shoot down some enemy Banshees.

A quick update for all of you clicking through from Bungie.org: If you like this, don’t miss the dozens of LEGO Halo creations we’ve featured here in the past, as well as all the other LEGO creations inspired by video games.

4 comments on “Halo Hornet shoots down enemy Banshees

  1. Nuners

    Epic. Simply Epic.

    Man, I always wanted to do this, but never had time…or enough special bricks. Buuuut, you did it for me! YAY!

    10/10, easily.

  2. Andrew

    @Optimystic: Thanks for letting us know!

    @M4573RZ3R0: We didn’t actually build this ourselves. As the post says, it was built by Stephen Chao, who may or may not provide instructions. Pretty cool, though, huh? :)

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