UCS Speederbike...oh yeah

Guybrush just posted pics of another incredible UCS model. This time its an amazing rendition of my favorite Star Wars vehicle. Check out the detailing on this gorgeous thing!


10 comments on “UCS Speederbike...oh yeah

  1. JunkstyleGio

    Magnificent! Totally awesome! And so on! I’m always impressed by all the things that are built with Lego.

  2. Repoort

    Didn’t Gareth make one of these before back when he was on FBTB? Anyways this one looks sweet! It’s weird to see that the handles are tires! That thing is huge!

  3. stephendsdude

    Three words: This. Is. AMAZING! I could never, I repeat, NEVER create anything similar to this. This is truly a magnificent work of art, even better than the official Ultimate Collector LEGO sets themselves. I wish LEGO would sell something like this…

  4. Pheathurr

    Wow, very cool. How’s about more info please!! Like how to build, where’d he get the placard on the front. It looks very professional!!

  5. Josh Post author

    @Pheathurr – If I had any more info…I’d give it you. Maybe some of our readers know more about this builder. Anyone?

  6. ry

    Josh: was that a tongue-in-cheek comment or legitimate ignorance? Gareth Bowler is very well known among Star Wars model builders, notable for numerous UCS models. Until the FBTB revamp a couple months ago (no, not the Power Miners redesign) we hosted a large gallery of his models.

  7. Josh Post author

    @Ry – Unfortunately, I am truly ignorant. He’s obviously an incredible builder and I’ve seen his Brickshelf gallery many times. However, I didn’t know his real name and I’m pathetically out of touch when it comes to the Star Wars community. Its not through any personal dislike, its just not my forte. Hopefully, I didn’t come across badly. That was not my intent. I was seriously asking for more info. My apologies.

  8. ry

    I gave you the benefit of the doubt because no, you’re right, Star Wars isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. And Gareth hasn’t been super active of late. No need to apologize to anyone!

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