A Couple of LEGO Beetles.

I came across two different LEGO renditions of VW Beetles in the past few days, and I thought they were both great. I don’t know if there’s some sort of Beetle meme going on that I’m unaware of, but these are both nice models, for different reason. Daniel Zayac (urthedead) built a model that looks like it would be great fun to play with, and is roughly to scale with a minifig. Meanwhile, Ralph Savelsberg (Madphysicist) has built a larger, more detailed model, that captures the shape of the original excellently.


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  1. The Mad Physicist

    Thanks for blogging my Beetle. I’m not aware of any VW Beetle meme going around either. I’m pretty sure it is a coincidence. I decided to build a Beetle because this month’s challenge on LUGNuts involves building cars inspired by music, and the particular ditty that I chose happened to have a white VW Beetle on the album cover.

    Cheers, Ralph

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