Pleistocene showdown: Mammuthus primigenius vs. Homo sapiens

With his latest diorama, Jordan Schwartz (Sir Nadroj) taps into one of my favorite sources of inspiration — the deep past.

LEGO Woolly Mammoth by Jordan Schwartz

In this scene, an early human stalks a woolly mammoth during the Ice Age. With a half-barrel on his head and Adventurers hats for ears, the mammoth is also full of interesting part uses and building techniques.

8 comments on “Pleistocene showdown: Mammuthus primigenius vs. Homo sapiens

  1. Octopunk

    Yeah, that thing is tasty. I love the extra long tusks, not one out of three tentacle pieces, but two! Very nice.

    I also like the implication that primitive man would risk taking on one of these beasts for the reward of fine haberdashery.

  2. menacingvitamin

    Awesome build. That fig is about to get his ass kicked if he pokes the mammoth with that tiny spear, though :)

  3. Puddleglum

    This post & creation made me realize that you really don’t see pre-civilization LEGO MOCs very often. Perhaps if 10,000 BC had not been such a terrible movie, it might have started a building trend in the LEGO community.

  4. Jai

    I think that particular problem lies with the lack of buildings and vehicles from the pre-civilization era. :P

    Great mammoth!

  5. Bricktrix

    Organic / creature builds are far from the easiest to achieve in Lego.
    This has been done with style, simplicity and pure brilliance.
    Superb :)

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