O’Neill’s Midget Submarine is manned by actual midgets

Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) tells us:

The only Midget Submarine to see action was the “Little Pig”, captained by Jock “Stumpy” McGurk. In a daring incursion into the Vulgarian fjords, the small craft used its single Explosive Harpoon to sink the battleship “Dragon”, bringing an abrupt end to Vulgarian naval ambitions in the Baltic.

Read more about O’Neill’s Midget Submarine on Empire of Steam.

1 comment on “O’Neill’s Midget Submarine is manned by actual midgets

  1. TooMuchCaffeine

    Thanks for the feature, glad you like the sub.

    It’s called the O’Neill’s Sub because it was posted on St Patrick’s Day. Friends of mine run the O’Neill’s pub chain and St Pat’s is their busiest day of the year. I suppose it’s dedicated to them, not that their pubs have anything to do with submarines, steampunk, or midgets.

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