It’s like Clockwork

This snazzy robotic individual is Rong Yiren‘s newest offspring. There is so much I could say but I’ll just let him speak for himself.

8 comments on “It’s like Clockwork

  1. Curtis

    Everything Rong makes is gold… well actually usually white or brown, but you know what I mean!

    I see from it’s other photos that it can be posed, which is a huge plus for something that looks so flimsy.

  2. Shmails

    It looks very cool, although its posture instantly reminded me of marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide. Maybe this is his big brother.

  3. Fred

    Love seeing technic axles and connections out in plain view. It’s a certain rare talent to blend disciplines like that. This guy looks like a runner. I swear I’ve seen him someplace in a movie/show.

  4. Six Gun

    My First Post. I’m very impressed with this design. It’s very clean. It reminds me of 60’s sci-fi. Keep up the great building

  5. von goyle

    I’m doing a brickfilm and this is exactly the shape of character I’m looking for! What a great inspiration! As I won’t be making an exact replica I will still be giving him credit for the concept for sure!

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