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Hi all,

As Andrew’s TOS post makes clear there have been some recent comments on TBB that have made editing it a little less pleasant than it otherwise would be. This does not mean that the content in some of those posts wasn’t somewhat valid, particularly one issue which I do somewhat agree with. So, without further ado:

How can I improve my model coverage on TBB? I’m going to leave the question open but will point out a couple of things which are relavent.

1) We (as a site) like to use a lot of links here. This makes writing a post more difficult and writing a post about someone new even more difficult while we track down their online details.

2) Photography standards are important here. When I show my AFOL friends links I will post poorly photographed but good MOCs. I would not usually post them here.

Unfortunately I’m going to be gone to Brickvention for a few days so any response will be patchy but I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts on this anyway.

And please note this is coming from me and me alone. It is not a broad editorial issue and should not be treated as such. I’d like to know how I can improve my coverage (without taking more time).



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  1. Stevie-J Modern

    I have discovered the Brothers Brick just in the last few weeks.

    Reading some of the notices over the last two days, has made me realise- I haven’t thanked you for all the work you do in adjudicating and selecting entries. The presentation of this site is exemplary and offers a unique aesthetic of high-art lego pieces. All photographed and presented items are of a high quality and enhances my enjoyment of this site. The links to other sites are plenty should I wish to delve more widely, but this particular site, in my view , offers something others don’t,

    Thank-you Brothers-Brick. Thank-you to other site users who add constructive comments and discourse- I like reading your views too.

    (On a personal note, I like more of the buildings, dioramas, and town)

  2. Dave & Stacy


    I think the bottom line is that people have to understand that BB is the ‘gold standard’ for AFoL blogs. They need to look at BB like they would a major print publication. You don’t get into print media unless you’re ‘out there’ and easy to find. This means posting your MOC’s and background information in as many places as possible.

    In addition, you don’t get photos published unless they are of high quality. Bottom line is that no matter how good the MOC is…I don’t want to look at a blurry picture with bad lighting that makes it difficult to see the details. BB is the ‘pros’…not the ‘minors’. People have to bring their A-game in terms of build quality and photo quality. This site has become a showcase for the best of the best in the AFoL world…and that’s why I come here. There are no points for second best.

    The only thing I could see improving coverage would be a create a database of all the builders. Maybe have a form where people can submit a short bio. or a link to their bio on LUGNET or MOCPages along with a general link to their MOC’s. Then BB can have a database of builder information to draw from. The downside of this is that you end up sifting through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff. Just a thought….and I’m sure someone on here will be able to improve upon my idea.

  3. Curtis

    I’m grateful for TBB and all they do at the end of there day (not to mention during there own free time) to bring us quality from around the AFOL community.

    I know from experience that TBB does in fact listen to us as readers. I’ve sent in at least 2 recommendations that have been blogged with me linked specifically as the submitter in one of them. So in a roundabout way I suppose I’ve been blogged on TBB too! haha.

    Keep doing what you do TBB, don’t be discouraged by the less than appreciative readers.

    I’ve taken away from these discussions lately that if I really want to be blogged, all I need to do is work hard, build something worth sharing, maybe have a little background for the MOC and myself as a builder, take good photographs of said MOC and submit it myself rather than waiting to be noticed. I’ll take that to heart and hope that I can have the honor of being blogged on this awesome website!

  4. Shmails

    Tim –

    Stick to your guns. You should blog what you find most blog-worthy. Keep your standards as high as possible, because it is the only way to push us to create better work. Curtis has showed that you force us to step up our game if we want to be noticed, and that is how you get the best out of the society.

  5. Fred

    It is a shame that some creations out there get left out because the builder didn’t have the means or know-how to photograph it on white/plain background. However, The popularity of your site is begging you to give them /some/ attention.

    I understand that the quality of the images here give your site a consistent look and feel.. you are the Mac Operating System of Lego Blogs.

    I think it would be nice to have the occasional “noteworthy links” to creations you appreciate but, don’t feel would be appropriate for the atmosphere of the site. No need to put a picture. Just a collection of links. That would be a nice nod of appreciation and a gentle reminder to builders that if they want to get the spotlight, they have to dress up a little better.

    Popularity does attract critics but, they are good too. This discussion is a product of the growing process and it’s a kind thing that you allow space for it.

    That said, you’re all doing a great job.

  6. Brad

    There are at least three free-to-use communities (I’m thinking of Brickshelf, Mocpages, and flickr) out there where anyone can post their creations for display and/or feedback. That doesn’t even include the multitude of forums where users can post links and request commentary from other readers. We all want the praise, criticism, and interest of our fellow builders: if we want to post our creations in order to reap these benefits, we need to have some basic photography skills. I don’t think this is too much to ask and I do think that this part of a great creation. I think TBB has been right thus far to select models that are well photographed–Dave and Stacy’s “A-game” metaphor is apt–and I hope you continue to do this in the future.

  7. legovaughan

    There aint nothing wrong with the quality of blogging here. TBB is a daily stop for me. Keep it up lads!

    ps. If you’re looking for new bloggers, let me know! I lost my job over Xmas so I’ve got loads of time on my hands. =)

  8. Gambort Post author

    Fred> Thanks. That’s a good idea and I’ll take it on board.

    Aaron> Sorry. Was too lazy to add it ;) PS. I’m in Melbourne right now :P

  9. Olog

    Tim, I personally appreciate all the work that is put in this blog. I have to admit I sometimes miss seeing some of my other favorite builders whom haven’t been blogged lately (Spook, Soren, Lukas), I think it’s important to sometimes also blog smaller MOCs.

  10. Casual_fan

    I don’t know if my comments will be of any use, I’m not a LEGO builder but I check this blog every day after being linked to it regarding the Zombie apocalypse model. I’m a big movie and sci-fi geek and I really enjoy seeing the great genre-based models that people have built. I like reading this blog as it is easy to read and the subjects of posts are always well worth viewing.

  11. Matt Garvin

    This is the best place to come for the “who’s who” of AFOL’s. Hands down. 5 stars. 2 thumbs-up.

    I also understand that this is an adult place for discourse regarding Lego builders and the larger Lego community. Also the same group of astounding builders get posted (and rightly so, they are among the best) time and again.

    With that said. I think TBB could add some richness to this blog if you highlighted (more reguraly, say once a month) a younger builder and offered a brief bio on them.

  12. Josh

    @Casual Fan – It is great to hear from you. We kind of figured that there were readers like you out there. Your comments of use. Thank you!

    @Matt Garvin – That’s a good idea. I’ll have to mull that over and see if I can fit in something like that.

  13. Aliencat

    High standards are what The Brothers Brick has always been about.
    I check The Brothers Brick almost daily to see what the latest awesome best of the best creations are. Presentation is always just as important as what is presented.
    The policy may seem a bit elitist to some, but really, this blog has always been just about sharing the best stuff out there, and giving it the recognition it deserves.

    I hear a lot of “Oh you’ve featured that and that builder before, we already know they’re good, feature someone else now.” and I honestly don’t agree with this kind of comment. Quite the contrary, if Nnenn builds another awesome MOC, that doesn’t mean he just whipped it up during lunch break from some loose scraps, great creations take a lot of effort, even from the best builders out there.
    It’s someone who manages to pull off one fantastic MOC after the other, that deserves the publicity even more.

    Also the “How come MOCs that are great but have bad photography don’t get blogged?” questions can’t be taken seriously. If you have built a great MOC, only by putting time and effort into your photography can you really get the epic little details across. It doesn’t work the other way around either: If you have built a crappy MOC but can take excellent photos of it and present it very well, that still doesn’t get you blogged here. And that’s how it should be.
    Only those creations where the proverbial blood, sweat and tears have been put into both the build and the presentation, deserve to be called the best. And sharing the best is what The Brothers Brick is about.

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