MisaQa kicks off her 2008 Advent Calendar

Those of you lucky enough to snag a 7979 Castle Advent Calendar have probably just started opening those little doors to discover your Christmas goodies. (You can also follow along on ReasonablyClever.com.)

One of my favorite holiday LEGO traditions, though, is the series of small creations posted each day in December (until Christmas Day) by Japanese builder MisaQa. This year, she’s focusing on “Mythical Creatures,” starting with the Wyvern:

Since it’s already December 2 in Japan, she’s also posted her second creature, a three-headed Cerberus:

Check back in MisaQa’s Advent Calencar 2008 folder on Brickshelf or check them out her Web site, Stud&Tube

3 comments on “MisaQa kicks off her 2008 Advent Calendar

  1. Xiazeran

    I haven’t seen any of these before. That’s mnostly because I didn’t discover the online LEGO community until a few months ago in the spring. These are all very good, especially the cerberus. I have no idea how these asian builders are so good at everything!

  2. MisaQa

    Thank you all your comment!

    There are many days until the Christmas Eve. I will post my model of Fantasy Creatures every day. Please enjoy it to the end.

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