Le Quartier Brique

5p8c3 enters the Pillage the Village contest with this massive diorama titled “Le Quartier Brique”:

A carriage careening down a cobblestone street, smoke billowing from the window of a half-timber house — this LEGO creation has it all. Don’t miss all the action in 5p8c3’s LEGO Pirates photoset on Flickr.

4 comments on “Le Quartier Brique

  1. Matn

    That’s indeed an incredible creation. It’s just so perfect. So much going on in it, the cruelness of the pirates and the action going on gives it a real final touch. I really like it, good work 5p8c3! :d
    (O, and I just want to say, for the ones who are interested in the carriage: it is based on my design. If you want to see my version of, you can look into my Flickr :))

  2. Ward

    Hi Kurt,

    I got your sms through my normal phone … a little weird. But I found it.
    Congratulations with the beautiful MOC. Hope you win something in the contest.



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