2009 LEGO Pirates now available from LEGO Shop [News]

The first 2009 LEGO sets are starting to show up in the LEGO Shop online, starting with Pirates!

Behold 6243 Brickbeard’s Bountyicon. Yarrrrrrr!!!


Unlike the Pirates sets available in the US back in the 1990s, the cannons in these sets actually fire (and they’re a cool gun-metal gray).

The two “impulse purchase” sets look like a great way to build your army:

iconicon iconicon

6242 Soldiers’ Forticon reminds me a lot of 6277 Imperial Trading Post from 1992:


Here’s the full list of 2009 LEGO Pirates sets available so far (prices in USD):

A couple more sets, including 6242 Soldiers’ Fort and 6253 Shipwreck Hideout, haven’t been added to the site yet. We’ll keep you updated as the rest of the 2009 LEGO sets begin showing up in the LEGO Shop online.

The links will probably only work in the US and Canada. And yes, I’m aware that these have been available from a certain mega-store run by a giraffe for a while now.

18 comments on “2009 LEGO Pirates now available from LEGO Shop [News]

  1. wunztwice

    I did notice that the certain girraffe is only charging $85 for the 6243 ship, fas opposed to the $100 @ S@H. (At least today) But they were out of stock. Might be worth checking stores, I would, but I live 3 hours form the closest one…

  2. Andrew Post author

    @John: I think one or both of the sets that aren’t available yet fit in that range.

    @wunztwice: Which is why you buy all your LEGO from S@H through TBB, right? Right? :-P

  3. TooMuchDew

    6253 – LEGO Pirates Shipwreck Hideout $39.99
    TRU Exclusive (historically most of these will eventually be available at S@H) Out Of Stock, Temporarily Not Available
    6242 – LEGO Pirates Soldiers’ Fort (367 pieces) $49.99
    also Out Of Stock, Temporarily Not Available due to TRU’s current “Buy 1 get 1 HALF OFF!” sale
    6242 – LEGO Pirates Brickbeard’s Bounty (592 pieces) $84.99
    $15.00 cheaper than S@H!

  4. neko

    At my local TRU, Brickbeard’s Bounty is $99.99. It appears that the $85.00 price is only online, and is already out of stock.

  5. Ian Mankowski

    Though the pirate ship cannons didn’t fire, one of the first original imperial ships had cannons that were spring loaded for firing fun.

    It quickly disappeared though, I assume for litigation concerns, but the exact reason I don’t know.

    My 8 year old self remembers bitterly that he couldn’t pick up firing cannons anywhere, and his best friend would fire them all day long at him.

  6. Ramone

    Can 6239 really be called “Cannon Battle” when only one of them has a cannon? Cannon Slaughter was perhaps too morbid?

    /Want all of these.
    //Looking forward to the soldier outpost thingy.
    ///Might need two of those!

  7. bmwlego

    I too noticed TRU charging retail price online when they first started carrying the ’09 sets. For instance, the Tiny Turbos were “only” $4.99 online whereas TRU was charging their normally expensive, marked up $5.99 in stores for the ’09 TT’s. I was shocked to see TRU charging the MSRP on the newest sets. Of course about 2 days after I noticed that TRU wasn’t ripping me off and they were having a sale on LEGO I went to TRU online to buy the ’09 sets and the prices were adjusted to match the inflated prices TRU normally charges!

    This is why I normally buy my LEGO at Target and avoid TRU. Even when TRU has a sale, it is almost not worth it. If I were to buy 1 and get 1 half off on the Racers at TRU ($6 and $3 for a $9 total), it would only save me $1 over the retail price at Target ($5 each car for a total of $10)! This is not a great deal at all!

  8. David4

    I’m thinking aabout buying the $6 cannon set, you can get two for $9 at TRU which is a great deal for 4 guys and two firing cannons.

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