Custom Gears of War 2 LEGO minifigs by HAZEL

HAZEL burst onto the scene with a Gears of War APC we featured less than a month ago. HAZEL’s latest batch of creations includes a set of absolutely amazing custom LEGO minifigs inspired by Gears of War 2.

LEGO Gears of War 2 minifigs by HAZEL

Tai Kaliso, Marcus Fenix, and one of the Carmine brothers are all decked out in custom armor and weapons created by HAZEL. I can’t wait to see what this master customizer will cook up next!

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  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Are you talking about the lack of a “via” link? Not to sound mean, but if you’d been blogging for more than two posts, you’d know that “via” is intended for things one blogger finds on another blog — not simply to recognize that it’s been blogged before. We had no idea your blog existed, much less that you’d blogged these minifigs. ;-)

  2. Xiazeran

    Wow… I’ve seen these before- and I’m, pretty much speachless. I’m suprised TLC doesn’t put this much detailing onto many of it’s minifig parts!

  3. ...

    Like I said, that’s not my Blog, I merely know the guy.

    @Xiazeran- LEGO doesn’t put that much Detailing anymore because they’re trying to be Cheap, if they produce a Cheap Product, Mass Produce it and make more money back, then they’re basically doing what we should expect. Additionally, the chance of LEGO ever branching into doing actual “Adult”(15 ) Theme’s is very, very slim. We only have Custom’s like these because at the end of the day, we’re LEGO Lover’s, and if TLC doesn’t make it, we will. And if they already make it, but badly, we’ll just make it anyways.

    Take BrickArms, for example. Will Chapman’s Son disliked the fact that there were any actual LEGO WWII Weapons, and spent a while searching before Will even considered making BA Weapons. BrickForge, RedBean and Armothe were extremely talented customizers before they began to mold their accessories. Little Armory, it’s been around the block, having only recently returned, but it basically does the same thing.

    But anyways, at the end of the day, LEGO makes it cheaply, sells it for a High Price, which is basically a good amount of profit. They’ve been doing it for year’s, and I seriously can’t expect them to change.

  4. Curtis

    -bypassing ‘…’ and back @ Xiazeran

    I’d say Lego is on it’s way to giving us more customization with minifigures. Just look at the new star wars minifigs. New hair pieces, armor pieces, helmet pieces. The new Agent series brings the first ever new Lego minifig arm, along with the cool Jaw piece. Lego is realizing the potential for marketing the minifigs themselves and growing that market, it’ll happen, we’ll see more and more parts for minifigs within the next few years. We’ll likely not see many licensed minifigs such as Gears of War or Halo, but we’ll see some cool things I’m sure.

  5. Rocko

    Boy, sometimes some real d-bags find there way to our blog, huh? ;)

    As for the minifigs, the armor with the boobs looks kind of Megablockish to me. But still the whole package is nice.

  6. greenglo

    Comments are for COMMENTS on what has been blogged. If you feel like ranting about other things, please, go to a forum. Brothers-Brick keep up the good work.

  7. Loopy

    Wow, that’s seriously Impressive “…”, you have nothing better to do other than go onto other people’s Blog’s and flame them? Wow, just Wow!

    Anyway’s,that’s a Nice level of Customization, but I’ve always been a bit iffy about some thing’s, mostly Fenix’s head, it just doesn’t seem “Angry” enough.

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