I’ve been busy

I’ve been quite a busy little bee lately and really getting back into building. There’s a few more new ones in my photostream (including some NoVVember fun) but I’ll blog my favourites from most recent.

Wombat VTOL

First is my “Wombat” VTOL which I’ve fairly blatantly ripped off Ryan Rubino and Keith Goldman. I had fun trying to gett a variety of different angles to give it a real ‘stealth’ look.

White Rabbit

Secondly we meet “White Rabbit”. A fairly straightfoward hot rod (or is it a rat rod?) with some fun SNOTwork to get the various subtle shapes.

Kuranda Rake

And I’ve finally finished (insofar as it’ll ever be finished) my long-worked-upon Kuranda Scenic Rail train. In attempting to take photos of the whole train I discovered the difficulties of taking good photos of big things.

It’s been good to be back.

4 comments on “I’ve been busy

  1. Lino

    A hot rod is usually clean and nicely built with a nice paint job. Sometimes it can be a high caliber “show rod” or “trailer queen” which means its too immaculate and too expensive to drive. A “rat rod” or “suede rod” can have a matte finish and may even have rust, dents, chipped paint, primer or bare metal. They are generally cheaper to build and purposefully the dirtier and meaner counterpart culture to the expensive show rods. Just clarifying. Hope this helps.

    Great MOCs, btw.

  2. Gambort Post author

    Dear all,

    You may be wondering where a bunch of comments went. Unfortunately we discovered that the commenter was under 13 and were thus legally obliged to destroy all personal information from them. I also deleted a few extra posts that made no sense in the absence of this information.



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