Mech Bay Zero

Whew, back to normal blogging! We’ve missed highlighting a few non-BrickCon related creations over the weekend, but we’ll get to them.

Aaron Andrews (DARKspawn), who’s normally a castle builder, switches fancy and builds a big mech bay instead. It’s sufficient to say one might say that he’s been up to building mecha all his life, but that’s just because this Aussie builder is incredibly talented. Enjoy the creation before Aaron surprises us with something else!

6 comments on “Mech Bay Zero

  1. Fred

    I love the frying pan wheels on the traveling arm.
    Remote control mechanical zombies rock as well!!

  2. DARKspawn

    Cheers, Nannan =D Thanks for the comments guys. akbar, I am a big fan of Macross/Robotech, & am familiar with this model, it was certainly a large influence on my design.

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  4. akbar fazil

    I must say DARKSpawn that you did an awesome job. That model kit was a favorite of mine [that is until the Zentradi forces and their supply of Bic lighters got a hold of it :D ] Thanks for making an awesome MOC and bringing back a good memory.

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