BrickCon 2008: Andrew’s wrap-up

How do I put this? BrickCon 2008 was amazing, but just a little bit more stressful than years past, as I demonstrate in this photo by Adam Hally:

Nevertheless, it was the best LEGO convention I’ve ever been to! Highlights for me included:

Various bloggers have posted their observations about the con:

  • Read more about the Zombie Apocafest on Valve’s Left 4 Dead Blog.
  • Listen to Wayne Hussey and Daniel Brown on LAML Radio, and hear from Bill Ward about recording for LAML Radio.
  • Read Hillel’s thoughts on admitting he’s a “LEGO geek” (hurray!) and see tons of great pictures on the Jackson Fish Market blog.
  • Read about the “Minifig Beauty Pageant” on Model Building Secrets.

I love seeing the looks of wonder and amazement on people’s faces as they find something cool that they never thought could be made from the little plastic bricks they have lying around their house. But I tend to find the public hours a bit overwhelming:

Of course, as attendees get home, they’ve started uploading pictures they took at BrickCon. Abusing the HTML list tag even further, here are a few that I’ve found so far:

And with that, I’m taking a week off. :D But fear not, dear readers! There are plenty of other LEGO blogs to sate your LEGO appetite.

I can’t wait for next year. Until then, build on!

7 comments on “BrickCon 2008: Andrew’s wrap-up

  1. Matt Ashton

    Hi Guys!

    Just wanted to say, thank you to everyone who attended BrickCon this year and made it such an enjoyable experience for us!

    It was great to meet you all in person and the whole event has been so inspiring and rewarding!

    The response to the Medieval Village has been completely overwhelming and made all the hard work seem so worthwhile, Thanks again!

    Happy Building!


    Matt, Nik, Anne and Simon.
    LEGO Product & Marketing Development

  2. wintermute

    Just wanted to say that con was epic. It’s always good to meet people you deal with solely on the net and seeing creations in person is like nothing else. The zombie display was pure awesome and located directly across from the ChiefLUG hangar which made it twice as awesome. Thanks to all who participated in both and thanks to Andrew B for the loot. Yay for prizes.
    Anyway I look forward to seeing all you fools next year.

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