Life on a different scale

Yvonne Doyle Hospital

Let the Con roundup begin…

Making its debut at the recent Brickish Association’s (the UK LUG) STEAM event is this fabulous hospital by Yvonne Doyle. The hospital was built as a collaboration with Steven Marshall and Pete Reid (Mr. Doyle) and is scaled to Steven’s ambulance. With a fully decorated interior (check out the wallpaper) and other lovely finishes like the detailing at the side of the windows this model really is a thing of beauty.

5 comments on “Life on a different scale

  1. Doctor Sinister

    I was lucky enough to see this under construction a few weeks ago and then to see it in the brick this weekend – it’s really fantastic, there’s so much detail everywhere you look.

    Dr. S.

  2. Louise

    It really is a thing of beauty. I’ve seen bits of it – the interior rooms – under construction, but now that its all together, it’s a fantastic achievement.

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