BrickCon 2008: Saturday, October 4th

Pictures of the third day of BrickCon are now appearing. During the public hours, over 3,200 visitors attended the show, as you can see from the chaotic picture below.

Click the picture to see more from my photostream or see more pictures from the Flickr BrickCon pool.

Updates from Andrew:

During the awards ceremony, Josh and I gave out prizes for the “Best Zombified Building” — which also won “Best in Show” — and “Best Zombified Vehicle” to participants in the zombie layout. We’ll have photos of the whole layout tomorrow (including the prize-winners), but here’s a preview of Zombie Apocafest 2008:

That’s LEGO designer Simon Kent checking out the bombed-out end of Zombietown. The LEGO Group sent four members from product design teams to BrickCon, including Matthew Ashton, Simon, and Nik Groves. Matt designed 7979 Castle Advent Calendar, so he kindly signed one for me. Very cool.

Our schedules have been incredibly full these past three days, so our apologies if our coverage hasn’t quite lived up to your expectations. Those of you who wanted product updates should be overjoyed with 10193 Medieval Market Village, and we’ll have detailed coverage of future BrickArms products in the coming days.

In the meantime, more sources of BrickCon photo and blog goodness include:

Oh, and did we mention that there will be a BrickFest in 2009? Stay tuned for details on that as well.

3 comments on “BrickCon 2008: Saturday, October 4th

  1. Starwars4J

    BrickFest 09? :D

    This thing looks like a blast, hopefully I’ll be able to make a couple cons next year, but thanks for the coverage for those of us who weren’t able to this time around.

  2. Shmails

    I second that! It looks like alot of fun, can’t wait to see more. Thanks for taking the time to keep up informed!

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