10193 Medieval Market Village to be released in 2009 [Exclusive]

UPDATE: 10193 Medieval Market Villageicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online!

LEGO Castle fans have wanted more civilians, more women, and more non-equine animals for a very long time — something a little more like this:

Box art for 10193 Medieval Market Village

Box art for 10193 Medieval Market Village

With the announcement of 10193 Medieval Market Village last night during opening ceremonies at BrickCon 2008, there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that LEGO listens to fans like us.

The Brothers Brick, Classic-Castle.com, and Klocki are proud to bring you exclusive high-resolution pictures of this upcoming set, scheduled for release in January 2009.

Click each photo in this post for full-size, high-res versions:

Here’s the full description (my bolding, for emphasis):

Expand your LEGO® Castle kingdom!
This classic medieval village with marketplace is a perfect match for any LEGO Castle. Full of authentic features, fun accessories and all-new animals to expand and enhance your kingdom; it includes two complete buildings with detailed interiors like a blacksmith’s shop with waterwheel-driven hammer, a food stand, tree, table, cart, cows, horse, chicken, rooster, duck, peasants, knights, rare elements and colors, and more!

  • Includes 8 minifigures: blacksmith, 2 soldiers, 2 male peasants, 2 female peasants and a boy minifigure!
  • Play inside! The 2 two-story buildings feature a hinge system that allows you to open and close them as you wish!
  • The yellow building contains the stables, blacksmiths shop and his home upstairs! Help the blacksmith forge the swords with the working water powered trip hammer! Don’t forget to close the stable gates and feed the horse some carrots!
  • Blacksmith’s home features pictures on the walls, opening windows, table and fireplace!
  • The classically European styled blue building features a cozy tavern on the first floor and welcoming bedroom on the top floor!
  • Lots of authentic touches: fireplaces in the bedrooms, pictures on the walls, dressing tables, working doors and windows and other interior details!
  • The soldiers and peasants alike shop and eat in the marketplace filled with baskets of fish, apples and flowers. Sit at the table for a meal of ale, cheese and whole turkey but stay out of the way of the soldiers carrying the king’s treasure!
  • Buildings measure over 7.5″ tall and over 9″ long when open wide!

The set contains 1,601 pieces, and the price varies by country:

  • Australia: $149.99
  • Canada: $149.99
  • United Kingdom: £84.99
  • United States: $99.99

Reaction by LEGO Castle fans attending BrickCon was ecstatic (click the picture for more 10193 pictures from BrickCon):

A few observations of my own:

  • New feather/fire piece in red and trans-orange
  • New table leg/column piece
  • New fish and cows
  • Whole turkey (it bears repeating)
  • New torsos for the three male peasants, blacksmith, and tavern wench
  • Peasant girl otherwise available only in 7979 Castle Advent Calendar
  • New faces on the blacksmith and senior-citizen peasant

Finally, one more look at the minifigs and accessories:

Minifigs and accessories in 10193 Medieval Market Village.

Minifigs and accessories in 10193 Medieval Market Village.

Wow. January can’t come fast enough!

99 comments on “10193 Medieval Market Village to be released in 2009 [Exclusive]

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  2. David

    That price will go up before it’s released, $100 is a great deal. The Space Factory sets had half the pieces, sticker tursos , and were the same price.

    Nice job LEGO, very nice.

    The turkey is big news, but that tree is lovely too. The close up of the cows is nice, but cows face looks a little too round and overly cute. That’s most likely because I’m use to the flat headed horse. :)

  3. TheBrickster

    Awesome news! Thank you so much for sharing this information and the wonderful picks. This makes me want to break out every one of my Castle sets in preparation for this outstanding set. Lego deserves a round of applause for listening to AFOL and giving us this set. I’m really impressed!

  4. hewkii9


    Seems obvious that the price’ll go up in the US but it’s already gonna be tough for me to purchase it as is, let’s hope it doesn’t go up in Canada.

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  6. Starwars4J

    Turkey :O

    This is disgustingly awesome news. Really goes to show how much TLG is listening (and knows how much we’ll eat this up). $100 price tag is awesome, I just hope it doesn’t change.




  7. Mike Ertl

    Lego fans (including myself) have been doing this sort of set for years, now Lego does it with flair. Not only are the fundamentals great- 2 well-designed buildings, food stand, tree; but it also includes amazing new pieces- new figures, 2 cows, fire/feather pieces, whole turkey and fish! It just keeps getting sweeter!

    My only complaint is it seems lately Lego has produced many “must have” sets in the the $60 to, well, $400 range. What ever happened to the great sets in the $10 to $50 range. I don’t want to have to go broke just to get all the great sets and pieces.

  8. Lich Barrister

    You had to guess that the peasant woman minifig would have to get wider use, since it’s so excellent… but this is just a stunning set to consider. Wow.

  9. David

    It does Tim, or did last year.

    And they still make great $10 sets, the IJ sets, the City $10 sets, even the cheaper Castle sets are great.

  10. Littlebrick

    Okay, I’m asking my parents for money for Christmas, so I can have a chance at getting this set. It’s just too awesome to pass up.

  11. eitan

    anyone else note the new mermaid and orc queen minifigures in the flickr photostream? castle theme is getting awesome

  12. FreshPrince

    I’m not really into Castle but there is so much potential here I gotta buy this set. I’m glad we all have a couple months to save too.

  13. Kevin Carroll

    This is GGGRREAT!!! The Lego Group listens! Now I must find 2nd job to pay for all this!

  14. Jimtib

    Awesome. Canadian dollar is nearly on par with the American yet we get a 50% markup. This is why it’s been so long since I actually purchased lego.

  15. David

    I just thought of something, LEGO made a new fish piece for this and Pirates, why not just make a chicken piece for Castle and City Farm?

  16. Magnus

    So often LEGO sets seem to be juniorized or simpy on the parts. It’s terrific to see LEGO getting this kind of thing right and doing a castle set that surely any experienced Castlehead would be proud of building.

    Thanks so much LEGO!

  17. von goyle

    How can there be anything after that? I mean anything…
    This is the best news since they announced Bioni…… just kidding. But really this is freaking awesome!

  18. Berntsen

    Now, I´m not a fan of castle / medieval themed sets at all, but this is amazing. I´m really glad to see Lego is going back to its roots of a set consisting of many parts, instead of a wall being a single piece, for instance.

    Also, some of the new pieces, like the turkey, are really cool. Definitely have to get my hands on some of those through BrickLink.

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  21. Masonzero

    Wow this is amazing, it is about time LEGO showed people that medieval times were not just killing undead skeletons and trolls… The previous war machines and structures were great and all but its so hard to make a town. Now the kingdom can realisticly survive!

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  24. A Disgruntled Spacer

    So why couldn’t they do this sort of excellence for space? Pah! Jellybean aliens!

  25. TooMuchDew

    This is a fantastic deal… like getting 2 1/2 of Dan Siskind’s 3739 Blacksmith Shop (original retail $40 USD) 3 of the 3.49 Castle impulse sets… only cheaper! Slap the word Star Wars on the box and this would be at least $160-180 USD for the same piece/figure count.

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  27. DVDWow

    I’m not a huge Castle fan, but for $100 I would buy this day 1. It’s absolutely awesome. I hope LEGO keeps the prices down, especially with the current economic conditions.

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  29. Chris Edwards

    I was afraid to look at the price at first, but that’s an incredible price for a set this awesome! I might get more than one!

    Of all of the new stuff in there, the part I’m most excited by is the 1×4 tile in dark brown. Does that make me weird?

  30. Blobbo

    ARRGGHHH!! I’m gonna go broke in 2009! Mustn’t touch the college fund, nonononono… YES!! At this rate of awesomeness and expensiveness I just may have to.

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  32. thwaak

    OK, I guess I will have to add a third job to make sure I can afford everything coming out soon.

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  34. Andrew Post author

    ^ LEGO parts are generally named for their initial usage, rather than their current usage. The three elements that constitute the “turkey” in this set were indeed released as a turkey about 10 years ago (and haven’t been seen since; thus the excitement).

    In this context, however, I’m sure the turkey elements represent a goose. You’re right, of course — turkeys are uniquely North American.

  35. Saraswati

    About that turkey. You do know that turkeys didn’t exist in Medieval Europe?

    It could have been a goose.

  36. Ramone

    @ Brian Carnell, I don’t know–it could be a turkey. I hear some African swallows can carry coconuts.

  37. Steve Witt

    I like to think of LEGO Castle as existing outside our reality…so Turkey’s are legit in medieval LEGO times :)

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  39. Ogre

    I completely FREAKED when I saw this set!
    I’ve been begging for something like this for YEARS and LEGO has exceeded my every hope! Good on ya, LEGO!

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  41. TSAI

    wow~ i love it!!!
    but, so many sets did’t comes to Taiwan, my country.
    so sad…..
    i think, i can’t see this set in taiwan too! : (

  42. henry

    Yeha, look at that hood that the man with the walking stick is wearing. They used to be fairly rare i believe? Also the tree looks sweet.

  43. Timothy

    Holy Cow i allready love this set first the advent calender now this i hope it comes out in my country unlike the advent calender

  44. bmwlego

    Any word on who designed this set for the LEGO Group? Did Castle fans have a hand in designing this? Did Jamie (of Green Grocer and Cafe Corner fame) work on this ridiculously awesome set?

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  46. Mattius_Xavier

    I’m personally not going to believe Lego will price themselves away by increasing the value too much more than the King’s Castle Siege… I think the price listed will stay and be more accurate.

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  50. Chris

    Just got this, Love it! Cows are a little small (smaller than horse and only male, no dairy cows…yet.) But who cares, we got cows! *the turkey is great too* The tree has flowers! -bought from LEGO Shop online.

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