8 comments on “10193 Medieval Market Village (1)

  1. Kaitimar

    Wow! First the Advent Calendar and now this! I just might start building Castle! CanĀ“t wait to see what Darkspawn and Rocko will do with these parts…

  2. Garth Danielson

    I am so excited about that fish, and the cow and that WHOLE TURKEY. I am already wondering if it would go over a minifig’s head, ala Mr. Bean, for some slapstick fun. And fun are all the other great parts in the set.

  3. M&M

    Love the looks of this new set. Overall I’ve been ecstatic about where the new Castle line has been going and this is yet another step in the right direction.

    *puts this on his son’s Christmas list* =)

  4. matty-boi

    dis lego is out of dis world i love it i’m already saving up to buy it when it comes out i carnt wait :) ((‘_’)) :)

  5. Mattius_Xavier

    I must admit, as a huge castle fan myself and a collector of Lego. I relish the idea of purchasing this set. However, those prices listed especially for Canada. I pray they are accurate or even a little lower. Overall I’m salvating with desire for this…masterpiece! Its truly something lego should explore more with the castle sets and I really think they are going in a very momentous and positive direction! For me…this is a must buy!

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