A slimy, dark green alien invasion (with bonus zombies!!!)

In Kristian‘s imagination, aliens are rather clumsy while landing their flying saucers and aren’t especially known for their hygiene:

The slime is rather amusing, and I can’t help but chuckle at the poor guy who didn’t manage to get out from under the saucer’s landing gear.

While we’re at it, here’s the sort of great zombie scene we’re encouraging Brothers Brick readers to bring to the LEGO Zombie Apocafest at BrickCon in October:

(And true to his “birdboykristian” user name on Flickr, Kristian also has some really great ornithological photography in his photostream as well.)

2 comments on “A slimy, dark green alien invasion (with bonus zombies!!!)

  1. kugutsu

    lol, in the second pic, the kid’s arm is an original skelliton arm and sticks straight out, i love that effect

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