More Preliminary 2009 Set Pictures (Indy and Clone Wars) [News]

lokosuperfluoLEGOman has updated the folder with more pictures of 2009 LEGO sets, including Star Wars: Clone Wars and Indiana Jones.  Please keep in mind that these are all preliminary pictures and are almost certainly subject to change, therefore the use of old pieces in new figures (such as Patrick the starfish’s torso used for the brute in the Flying Wing set and the Imperial Guard torso used for Willie) will probably change.  Also note that the Flying Wing preliminary set art includes a Swastika, something The LEGO Company will certainly not use in the final box art.  Note that the pictures seen here are from corran11’s photostream on Flickr, because some images are cropped and rotated for easier viewing.




33 comments on “More Preliminary 2009 Set Pictures (Indy and Clone Wars) [News]

  1. Mike

    I’d like to note that the reason for the swastika is that the background image for the plane is merely a screencap from the movie. Which means these are SUPER preliminary.

  2. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    I have that white suit on Indy! And I’m liking those battle packs. New Yoda, too!

  3. Timothy Ratner

    Those 2 Indy sets look cool, but the parts used for Short Round are kinda odd, that looks like an Air Jocks torso, and they could have used a different head.
    I hope the airplane has the propellers…
    And boo yah! Black fedoras! Too bad for those who customized their brown ones. :P

  4. Josh

    @Timothy – As Nathan said in the original post, these pictures are preliminary. I’m sure many things will change, including Short Round.

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  6. Littlebrick

    I hope Short Round and Willie are redesigned to look like the LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game versions.

  7. Blakeback

    I love the two cars in the Indiana Jones sets. I’m definetly getting that set and am gonna try to build more of the cars. I’ve actually used that imperial guard torso before on a female min-fig too.

  8. Chris B

    Awesome, I just hope they give Indy more new or different torsos, as I have around five of the dark brown ones….

  9. David

    I think the sets will look pretty much the same, LEGO designs sets a lot quicker these days. However the minifigures always change and the first ones shown are always really funny.

    And Star Wars sucks more than normal.

  10. Exogenik

    Does anyone know the origin of the clone trooper with black arms and “golden” helmet in the upcoming Clone Walker Battle Pack? New torso for Darth Vader (identical to the one from #10188 Death Star)!

  11. Samthelegoman1

    The roadsters look awesome! A must-have set for die hard Adventurers fans because of the cars!

  12. DrHorrible

    That flying wing had wayyyyyyyy to many prefab parts. I mean they used the same cockpit as Anakin’s Starfighter from Episode 3. And Shorty and the gangsters don’t look like the movie characters. And the car with the flying wing looks pretty much like the Raiders cargo truck.

  13. Josh

    @DrHorrible – As has been said several times, these pics are of preliminary designs. For better or worse, the sets that actually go into production will be different. Preliminary shots almost always use parts that have already been in production. That’s the nature of the beast. Its also one of the reasons that I don’t judge the sets until official, production pictures come out.

  14. David

    The minifigures are different, and some of the printing is different, but the main shape is there. LEGO only spends 6-12 months on set designs now instead of 2-3 years, so what we see is mainly what we will get, minus the figures.

    Just look at the city sets, there are tons of new pieces and they didn’t use old pieces.

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