Sjaak Alvarez makes life difficult for the Empire

Sjaak Alvarez recently posted a third installment in his ongoing series “It’s hard to be a Stormtrooper”.

Watch for the hilarious cameo at the end:

Sjaak animates each of his videos himself, using 3ds max 2009 and final Render 2.0. Very cool.

6 comments on “Sjaak Alvarez makes life difficult for the Empire

  1. Tanana Valley

    It was good, but for a very short film there is too much wasted space. The ending is great, but the gags beforehand are mediocre. I would have played it straight till the end, totally surprising the audience.

  2. The LS

    The animation is great imho, but it barely made me laugh. I probably liked how the stormie was knocking on the door the best oddly enough. ^_^

  3. prince guy

    ha, ha, ha. :D there should be more of this stuff
    i just died at the ending ha, ha!!!!

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