Cyber-troll eats spacemen for breakfast

Brendan Mauro puts a new twist to the LEGO troll figure, making it a cyber-troll with robot arm, eyepiece, and a sharp mechanical hand – all the better to crush those “stoopid space mans.”

12 comments on “Cyber-troll eats spacemen for breakfast

  1. Joz

    I appreciate the details (always do) – especially the replacement of the the horns with the cheese wedgie tile bits and taking advantage of the ‘ear’ studs to connect the HUD with the cyborg weapon arm.

    Respect with a capital aaarrgh! … ahem I mean “R”.

  2. ook

    Just in case you missed it the title of this story has a couple of typos. It should read:

    “Cyber-troll eat spaceman for breakfast!”

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