LEGO Wall-E roundup

LEGO fans all over the ‘net love the new Pixar movie Wall-E, and they show their affection for the film with wonderful LEGO creations too numerous to post individually.

First up, Mark Sandlin adds crushing action to his Wall-E:

Aaron Lemay goes super-small with his super-cute Wall-E built from only 11 pieces:

Jordan Schwartz breaks from the mold to build frustrated cleaning robot M-O (“FOREIGN CONTAMINANT!”), along with his own Wall-E:

M-O cleaning bot on Flickr

While other builders go fairly large or very small, the Wall-E that legomocs built works rather well at a mid-sized scale:

Finally, reader Ryan captures Wall-E’s forlorn expression:

Previous LEGO Wall-E love on The Brothers Brick:

17 comments on “LEGO Wall-E roundup

  1. Mister oo7

    Heh, thanks for this, Andrew. I’d predicted we’ld be seeing a WALL-E roundup sometime soon, I’ve been seeing so many of these lately (including another one from Jordan in the making). I can only wonder if you missed mine intentionally. P:

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  3. J. R. Schwartz

    Thanks for bloggin’ M-O!

    I’m working on an actual Wall-E now. With a trash-can lid hat. =-D

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  5. Bruce

    While I really like all of the larger sculptures (btw, Jordan just posted a Wall-E to go with his M-O), Aaron’s near-fig-scale version is the height of awesomeness.

  6. Ryan

    Thanks! These are all so good, especially the M-O and Mark’s puzzle cube.

    (p.s., That last one is mine, not “Dave”)

  7. Andrew Post author

    @Mister oo7: Yours was adorable, but didn’t seem to fit with the peaceful spirit I was going for in this post. :-D

    @J.R. & Bruce: Updated. Thanks!

    @Ryan: Fixed. Sorry!

  8. David

    Weird! I made a minifig-scale Wall-E that’s eerily similar to that one. I like those treads, though.

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  10. Andrew Post author

    ^ Your Wall-E is also adorable! :-) I see that you posted it back in February though, which is why I didn’t find it when I was putting together this roundup. I’ll add it tonight.

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