35,310 LEGO Star Wars clone troopers raise money for autism

LEGO employees in the UK have put together tens of thousands of clone troopers to raise money for the National Autistic Society. As you can see, this puts Moko’s golden army to shame:

More details on Gizmodo. (Thanks for the link, Jesus Diaz and Jeramy Cooke!)

23 comments on “35,310 LEGO Star Wars clone troopers raise money for autism

  1. LDDmodels

    I’m autisitic, and I’m 12, and I’m in the UK, so does this help me? NICE ARMY!

  2. Sibley

    Perhaps my reading comprehension skills are not what they once were, but I didn’t see HOW this was intended to raise money and awareness for autism. That aside, e-high-fives to them for their effort, and for a very impressive army.

  3. Pete

    Sounds like this was similar to the charity walks where you raise donations based on the distance you are walking.

    I’m betting they either got donations for how many hours they would spend putting together clones or on the number of clones to assemble.

  4. Morgan19

    I would imagine they gathered the clones together and will sell them, with profits going to the Society.


  5. castlebuilder100

    That’s great that they’re doing this. Like everyone else I’m wondering how this is going to rasie money.

    LDDmodels said:

    “…I’m twelve…” Not to be mean or anything but I’m pretty sure that you have to be at least thirteen to post here.

  6. prince guy

    lets seeeee…10,000 clones raising money 4 autism=…SELLING THEM!!! for like $3 or 5 or 7 bucks a clone…darn…i wish i was there, i would buy, like, 12 or 15… :(
    oh well-good luck autism :)

  7. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    I suppose there’s something mildly impressive about grouping together 35,000 of the same LEGO stock minifigure, but to me LEGO is all about the creative recombination of parts. So I’m much more taken with Moko’s Golden army or even a single brilliant custom minifig (Michael Jasper’s come to mind) than something like this.

    That’s not to say anything against raising money for a good cause, of course. I’m just responding to the (probably half-joking) comment about this display putting Moko’s to shame.

  8. Andrew Post author

    @The Rev: Indeed. My comment was meant jokingly, of course, and simply referred to the numbers involved. ;-)

    I’m right with you on quality over quantity.

  9. Ryan

    The closest thing I have to a uniform army is six imperial soldiers. (…or about 11 Harry Potters…)

  10. Mark Kinter

    Can I buy one of those? There is 35,310 of those, and I just need one.
    Anywhere your gonna sell them?

  11. US Guy

    Okay, when I bought 28 rebel troopers I thought that was alot for anybody, but this proves me wrong there must be 100 people atleast working on this project… so 35,310 legos divided by 100= about 353 per person!

    I wish Americans could be this generous to autistic star wars lovers, because my town has more than a few autistic kids.

  12. DJM

    These are being given away with Jetix magazine in the UK. There’s a very similar photo in the magazine itself. It says something about setting a new record – for minifigs in one room, or something – but nothing about the charitable link. Maybe they thought autism was a bit heavy to lay on the readership.

  13. jose

    woaahh how in the world did you get soooooooooooooooooo many lego clones do u have like a 1000 lego sets?????Are you rich i wish i had legos ahhh legos

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